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Digital Photos Viewer + Lossless Rotation / Croping - version 0.4.6


Photo Viewer is a simple GUI to display and modify digital photos. It uses jpegtran utility from package "jpeg" ( or and convert utility from package "ImageMagick" ( With using jpeg package is possible losseless rotate and flip JPG images or transpose it to the black-and-white scale. ImageMagick on the other hand assists in the croping of the selected part of images.

Very important is that after the operations the EXIF header with informations of actual image (aperture, exposition,...) is preserved (verify with jpeg-6b-731 and ImageMagick-5.5.7-220 packages from Suse 9.1).

The Application was inspired with the program FotoView (, author Martin Pola: mpola at with similar purposes but for the MS Windows.

Unlike FotoView PhotoViewer do not enables losseless croping because of absention of crop function in common linux "jpeg" package.
For now the convert utility with the "-quality 100" parameter is used for this purpose.

With PhotoViewer you can now do:
For your information the EXIF header informations are showed for actual picture (e.g. exposition time, aperture,...).

The application is developed in Kylix 3 Open Edition.

For someone is this fact a disadvantage, but for me has this situation a great advantage, because only I need is to install only two files of run-time libraries - and it is all.

The bad new I have is that it is possible to process JPG images only - the TIFF file format has not native support in Kylix. I did not need to use this format up today so I am a little lazy to do something with this. But if you know a free component for working with TIFF images, say me about it and I will add this functionality there.

The "native" language of application is English.
It is possible to switch to another language after selecting it in the configuration dialog. Up to now the Czech an Slovak language are at your disposal, but the translation system is very simple - only you need is to translate language file to language you want and then use it in the configuration dialog.

The application is still in development, so please take attention to the this fact - its behaviour may be sometimes a little unpredictable.
If you want, you can try it, but it is your own resposibility.


GNU GPL, v 2.0 and later.
The licence is enclosed in the pv_COPYING file.

Working with...

I think and hope that the working with application is very simple and intuitive. Besides the all function button has a ToolTip with a short information.

Short description of application buttons:

dir Open a directory with images
dir Reload actual directory
dir Rename actual file
dir Move actual file to the "Archive" directory
  1. Next image
  2. Previous image
dir Direction of images rotation / flip
dir Transform to black and white
  1. choose selection type
  2. preview of actual selection to new window
  3. save selection to file
dir Show / Hide file list panel
dir Slideshow start
dir FullScreen mode
  1. Application info
  2. Configuartion dialog
dir Delete (!!!) actual file

Application using:

The Key ShortCuts for the application are listed bellow:


main window
Main window (Suse 9.1, IceWM)

config dlg
Configuration dialog

main window

selection preview
Selected areas in Preview windows

sel. definition
User defined selection


The last application version is 0.4.6 (16.12.2004).

Here you can download binary and source files.

Installation and Configuration

  1. the most important is to have installed jpeg and ImageMagick packages

  2. download and install runtime libraries for Kylix 3 (cca 2,6 MB).

    You must unpack it to a directory listed in the /etc/ file (the best is to directory /lib) and then in the terminal window type a command ldconfig. Probably, you will need administrator privilege for this operation.

    This operation you can omit ONLY if you have correctly installed Kylix3 development environment or if you have theses libraries yet installed.

    Without theses libraries you probably can't be able to run the application.

  3. download the compiled binary (see. "binary" link at the "Download section") in the "binary.tgz" archive and unpack it. This archive file contains directory "PhotoViewer" where is all you need (except of kylix libraries, of course) to run application. To start application e.g. go into this directory and run command photov.

After first application start and end, the configuration subdirectory ".PhotoViewer" in your home diretory will be created to store your personal configuration.

To adapt configuration for you (language, slideshow time interval,...) use the Configuration dialog.

What next?

Next work will be a little dependent on my and of course yours needs and suggestions.

Welcomed are all corrections and translations of language files.

For translation there is in the application subdirectory lang the file photov_en.lng whitch you can use as template - it contains numbers of messages and corresponded english language strings to translate.
After selecting your translated file in the configuration dialog the application will use your new language strings.

If you will do this, please, send me the result of your translation to add it into official application package.


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